About Us

Our story starts at, well, the start…the start of every day when you get out of bed, slip on your underwear, and notice a pinch of discomfort. You don’t have time to focus on it, you have things to do and places to be, but we do!

Solve a problem you simply don’t have time for

Peppermint – your support system

Peppermint is here to solve a problem you simply don’t have time for, a twinge at the waistband  that just doesn’t make it to the top of the list of things you need to deal with today, but lives in the back of your mind rent free all day.

That’s where we come in. We’ve taken it off your plate, crossed it off your proverbial list, and fixed the problem. Without that little annoyance taking up space in your brain, think of all the things you can accomplish! You’re better when you feel better. We’re here to help you be the best version of you, starting from the bottom—your bottom.


For too long we’ve been expected to conform, behave a certain way, be someone else...We are expected to hide our real selves, our true feelings, our identity...Societal pressure is a bitch!

We created Peppermint to free ourselves from the inside out, starting with our inner-most thoughts and our inner-most clothing... to stop hiding, be it our identity or our underwear. We’re ready to put an end to those feelings of embarrassment, shame, not being good enough or worthy of real connection.

Someone decided centuries ago that vulnerability is a weakness and we let that rule us. It’s time to flip the script and proclaim vulnerability as a strength!

Embrace your quirks, celebrate diversity of identities and expression, not just bodies, colors, genders, sizes, but the superpower that is self-discovery and self-celebration!

BE vulnerable BE yourself BE peppermint

Your underwear was made with you in mind, hugging you in the right places without squeezing. The soft material provides you with comfort, even in uncomfortable situations.

Getting up and functioning is hard enough. You have your job, you to-do list, your hustle and bustle. All the while, your undies are quick-drying and moisture-wicking, whether the sweat is from a workout or another sweaty occasion!

You feel good,you look good,AND you do good! We focus on reducing the amount of water and energy required for manufacturing, starting with zero-carbon textiles from 100% plant material and using non-chemical dye.

BE Comfortable, BE Confident, BE Peppermint